Believer in Northern Vietnam Sustains Injuries after Refusing to Deny Jesus

April 12, 2017 by Open Doors in Prayer updates

In a province in Northern Vietnam, Khanh endured a beating from his own brother on the  evening of March 29 that left him bloodied and injured, with wounds on his leg and head.

Khanh, 28, and his wife and his daughter, became followers of Jesus just five months ago. They have been meeting with other believers from another village regularly for their own spiritual growth. On March 28, the village leaders held a meeting and warned Khanh that if he did not leave his Christian faith the government would cut the social services his family is receiving, including important services such as access to health care and education for his daughter. The village leader, Mr. Duy, also warned that they will be expelled from the community if they continue to believe in Jesus.

The following evening, Khanh’s brother Thanh came to his house to persuade him to forsake his faith, but Khanh refused. Enraged, his brother began to beat Khanh and destroyed some of the property in Khanh’s house. Khanh’s daughter was also hurt in this incident.

Now Khanh and his family are living in a Pastor’s house in fear of what his brother and the village leaders may do to them if they return home. Please pray for a quick recovery for Khanh and provision for his whole family.

Father, we give you praise for the faith You have imparted Khanh and his family to stand strong in the face of opposition. We pray Your protection over them and that You will grant them Your wisdom to know when to speak and when to remain silent, when to stand in the face of the enemy and when to flee safely with his family. We pray that You will soften the hearts of the community officials toward them and that You will quicken his brother’s heart with faith and repentance. In the name of Jesus, our strong tower of refuge, Amen.

*All names were changed for security purposes

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