Believers Affected by flood in Bangladesh

August 8, 2016 by Open Doors in Asia

A devastating flood recently hit the 59 sub-district of Bangladesh. As a result, many Muslim Background believers (MBB) families have been affected and are in need of urgent relief. A number of MBB couples from the impacted districts were preparing to attend a couple seminar held by Open Doors from August 4-6. However, according to weather forecasts, another heavy flood is likely to hit the country in the middle of August. Please uphold Bangladesh in your prayers. Pray for the flood-affected people of Bangladesh and especially the MBB families. May all receive sufficient relief and gain access to shelters. Pray for good health. During and after the flood, various diseases would spread and children are the most vulnerable to fall sick and even die. Pray for the flood victims to get access to pure drinking water and medical aid. Pray for the victims’ houses and belongings. May the believers receive divine comfort from God and can one day rebuild their houses. Pray for God’s protection over Bangladesh, especially in the face of another possible flood. Lastly, pray for the upcoming MBB couple seminar so that the selected participants may arrive safely and for the event to encourage them greatly, enriching their marriage and family lives.

Join others in praying.