Believers’ Homes Stoned in Vietnam

August 12, 2016 by Janelle P in Asia

On July 26, three houses in the Quang Ngai district of central Vietnam were stoned by a mob angry because of the occupants’ faith in Jesus. The attack began around 11 pm, while the families were asleep, according to local partner Cang*.

“The stones rained on the roofs of our brothers’ houses,” he says. “Here are the stones they picked up in the morning.” One young lady got hit on her back by a big rock and she is now in a lot of pain. Her 12 month-old child was almost hit as they were both sleeping on the bed. Her house is located under a valley and the mob stood on the mountainside, throwing the big rock at the roof of her house,” Cang related. “Local authorities also gathered the believers with other villagers and forced them to give up their faith.”

The reason for the stoning is still unknown to Cang, apart from the fact that the families believed in Jesus. “The only thing our brothers did was believe in Jesus. They are new believers. The local authorities and cops forced them to give up what they believed – an American religion. But since they refused to do as they had been commanded, the cops and the local officers came to the village to destroy and harass them.”

He further shared, “I don’t think our brothers and sisters responded because they were so frightened. The crowd was composed of cops, officers and drunk young people.” Please pray for the three families who have been badly frightened by this stoning of their homes because of their faith in Vietnam. Open Doors is extending help to these new believers through our local partners. *Pseudonym used and exact name of village withheld for the protection of the believers

Jesus, we pray for these brothers and sisters and for other believers in this region. We know that persecutors often use fear as a way to hopefully make believers recant their faith. We pray fervently that You would provide the strength these new believers need to stand strong in their faith, and we also pray that those around them would see the truth of the gospel through these bold Christians’ lives. In Jesus’ Name we pray, Amen.

Join others in praying.