Bless My Country, O Lord

January 31, 2013 by Open Doors in General

People praying in house church.

I cried out this song last night to the Lord, for my country so He may have mercy on Egypt and save us from the attacks of the enemy, from the work of the kingdom darkness and death.

Millions of other Egyptian Christians also did.

As you read the song, please join us in our prayer, and our pain!

No matter how hard our current situation,
No matter how dark the night is,
You, Who dwells the shining bright heavens,
You Who had split the sea from the middle,
Are able and mighty,
As Nehemiah cried out to you in the past, we cry out on your name,
Jesus, stretch out your hands and help us out!

Bless my country, O Lord, Bless my country,
You who hears prayers of all mankind,
Bless my country, O Lord, Bless my country,
Listen to the cries of our hearts and send us rain to our dry lands,

Your Holy Spirit gathers dry bones from all valley,
You gave them life so they would stand up, and worship you,
An army of your people, testifying to Your name, You, our redeemer,
At the cross, I lay down my burdens, my sins and the sins of my children, Calling on your name, the merciful hearted, to forgive us and listen to our cries.


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Join others in praying.