Books Bring Light in Syrian Darkness

September 18, 2013 by Open Doors in General

Syrian Teens Reading Bible

As the civil war in Syria continues, Open Doors has redoubled its efforts in the conflict-torn city. Though the main focus during this year has been on major relief operation in the country, on-going projects like book distribution and training have not been forgotten or neglected.

When Open Doors recently distributed thousands of “Action Bibles” in Syria, the demand is so overwhelming that thousands more were immediately requested. The illustrated Action Bibles have proven extremely popular among Syrian teenagers.

Through one of our partners working in the province of Homs, hundreds of Bibles and Christian books are being distributed to Christian families, a far from easy job in the midst of a civil war. “It is not easy to deliver the books. On our way to the city we had to pass checkpoint after checkpoint. They ask a lot of questions and we always are careful for kidnappers, it is not easy at all, brother”, one of the men involved in distribution describes how difficult it is to reach internally displaced people. “I was really worried being on the road with money and books. Please pray for us.”

“The Syrian families we help are Christian families. We support them with monthly food packages for several months now building strong relationships with these families,” he continues. “It is wonderful to meet them.” During regular visits to each family, the Open Doors teams share from the Bible and pray with the believers, trying to bring comfort and encouragement to them.

“I thank the Lord for the opportunity He provided us to give these Syrian families Christian family books, knowing that the Christian Library in Syria is poor regarding spiritual family books. We had a great time distributing the books, and the families expressed great gratitude and joy for receiving such important books as they contain answers to questions they always had in mind regarding family problems.”

The distributers see that the books are well received by the families. “A 12 years old girl for example is now reading a lot in the Bible. We heard of a 7 years old boy who started memorizing several Psalms”, he enthusiastically shared. “A 37 years old man fled from Al Qusayr to a safer place in the province of Homs with his wife and two children. He became a Christian through the visits we did to his family. He led all his family to the Lord. The man now started reading the Word of God and studying it. He is also very happy with the books he got about all kinds of family issues from a Christian perspective. He said to me: ‘These books have truly helped me to better deal with my children. Because I am so enthusiastic about these books, I now shared them with people we know.’ We see how important it is to give the people besides the food supplies also Christian literature.”

Our partner tries to involve the families they help in the relief efforts. “Boys and girls, men and women, they all come together to offer their help whenever needed in our activities. They are now happy to be part of the distribution team as well.”

Prayer requests:

Thank You, Father, for all the families in Homes You have richly blessed through the books they have received. We pray for the children who are reading and memorizing Your Word, a light of hope in their war-torn lives. In all the evils of war in this nation, we pray that You will transform the crisis for the good of the refugees in Homs that they might receive Your goodness, love and grace in great abundance. We pray for Open Doors teams as they partner with local groups to distribute literature that You would continue to grant resources and opportunity. In the name of Jesus who pierces the darkness with the light of the gospel. Amen.

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