Brothers and Sisters in Central Asia Ask for Our Prayers

May 18, 2011 by Open Doors in General

Central Asia

This week Open Doors received prayer requests from Christians living in Central Asia. These heartfelt requests come directly from our brothers and sisters whose very own lives are on-the-line for the sake of our Lord and Savior Jesus.

Pray for Widow of Pastor Artur Suleimanov in Dagestan
Last July Pastor Artur Suleimanov, of the Hosanna church in Makhatchkala, was murdered because of his outreach activities in the Caucasian republic of Dagestan. Please pray specifically for his widow Zina as she struggles with this trauma in her life. Please pray for the church, especially for the national believers. Pray for their protection and for wisdom.

Pray for Prison Ministry in Azerbaijan
Praise God for the prison ministry that is being done by several Christians. They ask for our prayers for this outreach; “We reach many unbelievers with this ministry and many people accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. There is a living church in the prisons!”

Pray for Faith to Share the Gospel in Tajikistan
One pastor in Tajikistan shares, “Pray that we will have strength from the Lord to go to places where it is really scary. Some places are not very welcoming to Christians or Christianity. We always manage to find excuses not to go there. We need strength to go there in spite of our fears. Please pray for that, and that we will have the faith to share the gospel anywhere.”

Pray for Mavluda in Tajikistan
Please pray for Mavluda. Her husband is getting really strict with her since she became a Christian. One day he was drunk and tried to kill her with a knife. She ran away with her four-year-old daughter, but returned the following day. A pastor tried to talk to the abusive husband, but to no avail. Please continue to pray for Mavluda and for a change of heart in her husband. Pray for protection of their little daughter.

Pray for Protection in Uzbekistan
An officially registered Baptist church in Tashkent was raided twice by the police. All books, Scriptures, DVDs, computers and other equipment were confiscated. The whole library of the church, which had been collected for years, was taken away and the church was left with almost nothing. Four leading members of the church were given immense fines ranging from $ 1,500 to $2,500. Authorities are increasingly clamping-down on Christian activity in the country. Also many church leaders are receiving threats by phone or letter. This creates much tension for them and their families. Please pray for protection for these pastors and church leaders. Please pray for the churches in Uzbekistan.

Pray for Few Christians in Ingushetia 
There are hardly any Christians in Ingushetia (North Caucasus). Please pray for the outreach that is taking place. A Christian shopkeeper has some literature and materials for those who are interested. Pray that many will come to know the Savior.

Pray for more Opportunities for Fellowship in Chechnya
Chechens who become Christian find it very difficult to be able to have fellowship with other Chechen Christians. Usually they have to leave the country in order to meet with other Christians. Pray that there will be more ‘room to breathe’ for local Christians in Chechnya.

Pray for Courage as Situation gets Difficult in Azerbaijan
In the beginning of 2011 several Christians started to actively evangelize in their town. The police have arrested some brothers twice, confiscated their literature and interrogated them. Their situation is on the police agenda. Pray for them not to lose courage.

Father, we give You all these specific requests from Central Asia, and we pray that the light of Your Gospel would shine forth into the darkness and tribulation there. Thank You that Your Word is being shared in the prisons, and we pray that much fruit would come from that. We ask for the corruption in the police agenda to cease, and we pray that Christians would not be constantly targeted or antagonized for their faith. Please help those who profess their beliefs in Christ to be protected from harm, but also be bold in sharing the Truth. We pray for the pastors who have been given such a heavy responsibility and have suffered or even died for their ministry work, please comfort their families with Your love. Amen


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