Buena Vista Bawitz Refugees’ Prayers Answered

August 7, 2013 by Open Doors in Latin America/Caribbean

Buena Vista Bawitz Refugees' Prayers Answered

Since 2011, a small community of believers in Buena Vista Bawitz, located in Chiapas, Mexico, has experienced attacks from local authorities and attempts to expel them from the village. The government has been ineffective in stepping in on their behalf, but tensions ceased for a time after they paid the unfair fines imposed by the authorities. However, on July 20, 2012, when the Christians used the community river to baptize new members, the authorities beat them and expelled them.

The group fled to nearby Comit�n City, the home of Pastor Francisco Morales who had previously visited Bawitz to disciple the new believers. Morales transformed his backyard church into a refuge center house the 44 believers. They built bathrooms, two large bedrooms and a central courtyard kitchen. Local churches soon joined and took care of their needs, providing food, clothes and a new home for them. Thanks to this support, they are growing in faith, power and number.

The group has survived on the provisions provided by Morales’ church, but on July 3 of this year, the food had run out and the group gave thanks for their last meal, prepared with what remained of the food provided by the community. “Lord, thank you for what you have given us so far,” they prayed. “You know this is our last meal, but You also know that we will need corn, sugar, eggs, oil and, if possible, some coffee for today.”

An hour later, three Open Doors Mexico team members arrived on their first visit to the shelter used by these Christians. With a small offering they were able to collect, they had purchased a sack of corn, 12 dozen eggs, 40 pounds of sugar and 3 pounds of coffee. They brought these provisions to the 12 families there, blessing them with food and the warm embrace of fellow believers. They were greeted with tears of joy from this beleaguered group of people who saw in the offering the presence of Christ who heard their cries even before they uttered their prayer.

During their visit, the team members found a strong group that was united, motivated and trusting the Lord despite their troubles. Juan Hern�ndez, leader of the refugees, resolutely said to the OD Mexico team that they are aware that the whole process they have gone through since accepting Christ is only part of the great plan of God for them and their town Buena Vista Bawitz. “We understand that the Lord has a bigger purpose for our people. We understand we need to go through this time of tribulation, but that will not always be the case, and we will soon see the miracles of God upon our people. God has not left us nor forgotten us. We know that because of what you brought us today.”

Since that day, the plight of this small band of Christians is being addressed by Open Doors, in collaboration with the Coordination of Christian Organizations of Los Altos and their local church. This month Open Doors will start teaching Standing Strong Through the Storm (SSTS) and Inner Healing workshops.

Father, thank You for hearing the cries of Your people, these refugees in Comit�n City. Thank You for providing for their temporal needs. We pray Your continued provision for the group, not only for food and shelter, but for peace, harmony and spiritual food to keep them focused on Christ who is their strength. Thank You for Pastor Francisco who has provided for many of their needs and who has helped to disciple them. We pray Your protection on his life and that of his family and congregation. Through the SSTS and Interior Health workshops, we pray You will bring healing to their souls and strengthen them for whatever lies ahead. We pray Your oversight over their legal situation, that You would raise up new people to advocate and intercede on their behalf. And we pray for the community of Buena Vista Bawitz that through these trials, Your power and authority will be revealed and the name of Christ will be high and lifted up. In the name of Jesus whose purposes we serve, Amen.

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