Central Asian Believers facing Intimidation and Threats

March 24, 2017 by Open Doors

Pray for Central Asian Christians facing persecuted from local police. Brother Akhmad* was recently visited by policemen who tried to extort money from Akhmad. The police officer attempted to blackmail Akhmad by threatening to arrest his daughter Madina,* a threat he could carry out since the family are Christians. Akhmad is understandably very confused and upset; he is not sure how to handle the situation, and is very concerned that that police may bother his daughter. Pray for wisdom for him in dealing with these threats, and for God’s protection to cover Akhmad and his daughter Madina.

Urgent prayer is also needed for Kamil*, another Christian brother from the same city. Last week 10 policemen came to his home and searched the entire house. They confiscated his computer, and an MP3 player, which contained Christian audiobooks and the Bible, as well as the New Testament in the local language, “for the investigation”. After the police finish their investigation, Kamil will face a court trial. Pray for favor with local government officials throughout this process and for God’s protection over brother Kamil. Pray also that the police would not stop their practice of robbing believers. After an “investigation” is completed, the police frequently refuse to return the devices to the owners and rob them instead; pray that they will return the items take from Kamil and that God would use the confiscated Christian materials to touch the hearts of the officers who are involved in the investigation.

Names changed*

Father, we bring before Your Throne of Grace Kamil, Akhmad and Madina. Protect them, Father, from threats and the loss of important resources. Grant Akhmad wisdom as to how to stop the blackmailing and still protect his daughter Madina. Protect Kamil from the unjust confiscation of his electronic equipment and Bible. Return them to him that he might continue to use them to serve You. We pray for justice, that these Christians might not be at the mercy of the whims of the local authorities. Where our true enemy, Satan, would use these means to hinder the work of Christ, we pray that You would use even these difficult circumstances to cause Your church to grow and flourish. In the name of Jesus, Lord of lords and King of kings, Amen.

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