Children’s Learning Center Closed Down

March 22, 2017 by Open Doors

A children’s learning center run by doctor and mission worker, Wandi and his wife, (not their real names) in a poor community in Indonesia was recently forced to close down. The couple was accused of Christianizing Muslim children by teaching Christian songs to the children. Although the parents protested the trumped up accusations, saying that it has been a blessing for their children to be educated, the city mayor insisted that the center closes its doors. A government official said, “Christians are not worthy of teaching Muslims.”

Wandi and his wife started the learning center because they were moved with compassion for the impoverished children they saw roaming around the village all day instead of being in school. So the couple started offering free education for the village children in a room measuring 6 x 6 feet. Wandi’s wife taught the children how to read and write. “The children can now read and write. They are also polite to say ‘please’ in asking for help and ‘thank you’ after receiving such help,” shares Wandi proudly. The changed attitudes and good manners impacted the parents as well. That is why they are deeply saddened by the closure, knowing that their children will be back wandering the streets instead of benefiting from both academic and relational education.

Pray for Wandi and his wife to have the ‘peace that surpasses understanding’ during this time as they grieve the closure of the center and lost relationships with the children. Pray for God to change the hearts of the local officials to wisely consider the issue based on the needs of the community. Pray for the local community, who can be very anti-Christian and anti-Chinese, to see Christ through the grace and loving actions of Wandi, who is of Chinese descent. “Our daily life of showing compassion and kindness is the key for them to be open to the Gospel,” shares Wandi.

Father, we pray for these children in Indonesia who roam the streets because this Learning Center has been shut down. We pray for their safety and for their souls, that the compassion and kindness of Wandi and his wife will soften their hearts toward You. Grant Wandi and his wife the peace that surpasses all understanding during this time of trial. Soften the hearts of the officials, that they might see the good that is being done in the lives of the children and the community and allow the learning center to re-open.  And we pray for the community, that the good deeds of this Christian couple will shine the light of Christ into the homes and pave the way for the gospel to be proclaimed in great power. In the name of Jesus, the Light of the World. Amen.

Join others in praying.