Chinese Man Wants To Minister To Muslims in China

July 24, 2015 by Janelle P in Asia

God has been shaping Brother Zhang’s vision and calling by giving him a heart for Chinese Muslims. He shares:

I was born in a small town in China. My goal was to become a wealthy businessman and have an enjoyable and prosperous life. But Jesus has changed everything. I have begun a different journey, one that does not lead to comfort or wealth, but instead leads to true joy and ultimate peace.

I made the decision to follow Jesus when I was in high school, but my faith really began to grow in college. My first interaction with Muslims in China was during a short-term mission trip when I was a sophomore. We volunteered to teach at a middle school in a Muslim village. We were told not to share the gospel directly, but only build relationships and share love with respect.

It was a life-changing journey. At the end of the trip, we held a farewell gathering and invited some students to share what they had learned. It greatly surprised me when a shy boy who had barely talked in class went up to the front. He lowered his head and said, “I didn’t believe love existed, but after knowing you, I know I was wrong. Love does exist.” I burst into tears and was amazed by how love from above can change a little boy’s heart. Jesus can tear down the walls of religion and melt the ice of cultural differences.

One day, I was praying, and a vision came to me. In the vision, I saw a woman pouring out a bottle of valuable oil on Jesus. Jesus turned to me and asked, “What is the most valuable thing to you?” I thought deeply and searched inside for the right answer. “My life is the most valuable to me,” I replied. “I am willing to give it to you, please use me in your mighty way.” My desire to become a missionary to Muslims was growing stronger and stronger.

I have planned to move to the far west of China this year, to live among Muslims so I might gain a better understanding of the field and know how to best support Muslim Background Believers in China. God is so good! He not only calls me to His mission; He also shapes my spiritual life throughout the process.

Please pray for Brother Zhang and other Christians reaching out to Muslims.

Join others in praying.