Christian Accused of Extremism for Owning Bible

April 19, 2016 by Open Doors in Asia

Pray for Majid* from Uzbekistan. About a month ago, he was falsely accused of distributing extremist literature when the secret police raided his house and found his Bible and Christian books.

Majid was detained for 15 days, and could now face punishment under an article of the Criminal Code of Uzbekistan that outlaws “Keeping and storing extremist materials with the purpose of further distribution.”

Since he has been found guilty under this same article before, he now faces the possibility of being charged as a repeat offender, which would mean even higher penalties.

As the situation unfolds, please pray for God to protect and strengthen Majid to endure through this difficult time and glorify his Lord and Savior all throughout it.

* representative name and photo used for security

Join others in praying.