Christian Family in North Bangladesh Flees from Persecution

March 6, 2013 by Open Doors in General

Bangladesh man reading his bible

On Feb. 8, Ekramul, a Muslim background believer, was walking back to his home when more than a hundred Muslims blocked his path. They demanded to know why he had not been in the mosque for the Jumma Jamat (Friday noon prayer). Ekramul’s response that he was a Christian enraged the Muslims, who began beating him. His wife tried to intervene, but the mob attacked her as well.

The Muslims who confronted Ekramul had just returned from the Friday noon prayer. Leaving the injured couple on the road, the mob broke into Ekramul’s house and stole his rickshaw van, his only source of income. He and his family were forced to flee immediately, and sought refuge at the house of a Christian friend in a neighboring village.

Open Doors sent a local contingent to pray with Ekramul and arranged a new rickshaw van for him. “Ekramul needs medication and some immediate help,” said the Open Doors’ worker in Bangladesh. “Please pray that God will be their refuge during this time.”

Please consider sending a letter of encouragement to Ekramul, his wife, and their children.

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