Christian Women Targeted for Their Faith

May 4, 2016 by Open Doors in Middle East

How You are Coming Alongside Them in Their Persecution

On January 22, three young women in Lahore, Pakistan held fast to their faith in Jesus Christ. Doing so came at a price none of them expected.

It was nearly midnight. As the young women made their way home from work, a swerving car approached. The drunken passengers called out to the women with lewd propositions. The young women replied, “We are Christians — our bodies belong to God.”

Enraged, the passengers screamed that Christian women serve only one purpose: to please men. As the women searched in vain for a place to hide, the men ran them down with their car, killing one and critically injuring the other two.

In cultures where women are already vulnerable and at a disadvantage because of their gender, those who are Christian are doubly at risk. Violent assault and rape are common, and few of the victims ever see their persecutors brought to justice. Many are shamed and ostracized by their own families and communities, left to struggle practically, emotionally and spiritually.

And yet there is hope — God does not leave His children to go it alone. He is working through you to heal, encourage and strengthen Christian women around the world.

“I say this really from the bottom of my heart — I thank you for your gift. I prayed with my children, thanking God and asking God to bless all those who contributed because it came at a time when we really needed it,” said one Christian widow.

God is using you to bring hope to these women, equipping them to minister to those around them. As you strengthen them, you are strengthening the Body of Christ.

By embracing the counter-cultural teaching of the Bible — that women are valued and loved by God — and by coming alongside these ostracized and injured women, you surround them with love and support — and give them hope and a future.

Thank you for continuing to faithfully support believers who are persecuted for their faith. Your gifts are transforming the lives of these women — once stories of despair, now stories of hope and redemption through Jesus Christ!

Join others in praying.