Christians Accused of ‘Challenging Islam’ in Recent Political Rally

December 15, 2016 by Janelle P in Asia

Thank you for your prayers. The Bersih 5 street demonstrations on Nov 19 proceeded without clashes. Bersih is the Malay word for clean, and the Bersih 5 supporters, wearing yellow shirts, were demanding government reform and the ousting of Prime Minister Najib. The protest was countered by other demonstrators in red shirts who marched in support of Najib.

However, the very next day, a local newspaper carried an article claiming that “Christians have infiltrated Bersih and were using that platform to challenge and weaken the Islamic faith.” The accusation came after volunteers from a Catholic church were seen distributing food and water to Bersih supporters and providing toilet facilities. Evangelical Christians were also actively using social media to encourage other Christians to participate in Bersih, in addition to praying for the rally and nation. Pray that this misunderstanding will not result in distrust and anger, but instead lead to open communication between Muslims and Christians. Pray also that the church will continue to show love, kindness and grace to the needy and that such actions will not be misconstrued as challenging Islam.

Father, thank You for the courage and kindness of Christians as they distributed food and water during the peaceful protest and we pray that You will continue to give them opportunity to reach out in Your compassion. We pray against distrust and accusations of disrespect, but rather that communication would be opened between Christians and Muslims and that they might live in peace. We pray for opportunities for Christians to speak the truth of the gospel and that the hearts of Muslims might be softened toward Christ, turning in repentance and faith. In the name of Jesus, the Word who became flesh and dwelt among us. Amen.

Join others in praying.