More Christians Arrested in Eritrea

June 22, 2017 by Open Doors in Prayer updates

Open Doors has learned of the arrest of 22 Eritrean Christians at the end of May and the beginning of June. Officials took 17 Christians men from a home in Godaif, a neighborhood in Asmara on May 28th. A further five Christians were taken from their home in Dongolo on June 6th.

This brings the number of Christians arrested since the beginning of May to at least 121. On May 9th, officials arrested ten Christians from a home in Ginda, 45 km northeast of the capital Asmara. On May 17th officers also arrested more than 35 Christians from their homes in Adi Quala. Another 49 were arrested on May 21st while attending a post-wedding cultural ceremony called Hamauti in Nda Korea, Asmara.

Please pray for the Lord’s grace to these newly arrested Christians. Pray that they would be filled with peace and courage and have the grace to keep trusting the Lord in the midst of these circumstances. Pray for the Lord’s comfort and provision to their families.

Father of Mercy, we pray for Your grace to be lavished on these Christians who have so recently been arrested. Each day as they awake in the darkness of their prison walls, fill them with Your peace and courage. Strengthen them to faithfully trust in You in the midst of these trying circumstances. Comfort their families, Lord, and sustain them. Hear the cry of their hearts and return their loved ones to them soon. In the name of Jesus, the hope of glory that is set before us. Amen.

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