Churches from Mexico City and Puebla Support Chiapas Christians

September 21, 2016 by Janelle P in Latin America/Caribbean

In Chiapas, Mexico, religious persecution has historically been a norm. Harassment, evictions, and property damage are frequent occurrences. These communities are nearly 100 percent Roman Catholic; all their customs and habits center around their beliefs and are they often mixed with mysticism. People who leave the traditional faith are branded as traitors and face persecution. In April 2015, 12 families were finally granted permission to return to their village in Chiapas after having lived in exile for five years because of their faith in Christ.

On a recent ministry trip, Christians from other parts of Mexico visited this region to stand in solidarity with their brothers in Christ in Chiapas. An outreach mission, funded by Open Doors and organized by YWAM Mexico, enlisted church members in Mexico City and Puebla to reach out to the persecuted church in the southern state of Chiapas.

Pablo Vargas, the coordinator of the initiative, shared his testimony of the trip: “The trip was very exciting, especially because we were able to spend time with persecuted brothers, and to listen to their testimonies. On the road to the communities we wanted to visit, there were many obstacles and checkpoints, and at one point our van had two flat tires. Thirty people signed up for the trip, coming from more than 12 churches here in Mexico City and in Puebla. I am very busy every weekend talking about the project in different churches. We visited the communities of Las Tacitas and Buenavista Bawuits. We also supported more than two groups who are working in Las Margaritas and we sent a medical brigade to Chenalo. Many churches and believers have donated goods for this mission. I thank Open Doors for being part of what God is doing here in Mexico.”

Check out this YWAM Mexico video from the trip. It is in Spanish, but a couple of minutes include interesting photos of the visit.

Thank You, Father, for instilling in the hearts of Your church in Mexico City and Puebla the desire to help their brothers in need in Chiapas. Just as the churches in Macedonia and Achaia sent help to the poor among the saints at Jerusalem, we pray that the heart for this work will spread to other churches in Mexico that none of Your people there will suffer want. We pray for believers in Chiapas that You will sustain them with homes and farmland and work, that You will protect them from persecution from those entrenched in traditional faith. And may the light of Christ shine through them as they reach out in compassion with the message of the gospel of Christ. In the name of Jesus, full of mercy and grace, Amen.

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