Clean Water in Makes a Big Difference

February 27, 2013 by Open Doors in General

Clean Water in Makes a Big Difference

Open Doors recently funded a borehole for a village situated in the Sharia-governed Katsina state in northern Nigeria, where villagers used to walk 5 km each way to get clean water.

Last September, two Open Doors representatives from Europe were privileged to visit several projects in northern Nigeria where hundreds of Christians have lost their lives as a result of armed attacks and bombings. Their first stop was the new borehole which was drilled earlier in 2012. A trusted company from Jos had been hired to do the surveying, drilling and installation, while some locals were trained to maintain the pump and to make necessary repairs.

The news that Open Doors representatives would come spread fast and many gathered by the borehole to meet with them. They spoke to Rev Ndulu who said, “We are happy to have this borehole here. As Christians we are not allowed to have a borehole. The government will not help us because to help Christians is like committing sin. The Muslims are in majority, and they are in charge of the government.”

The borehole has a huge impact on the community. The river had been their only source of water, and people often contracted the guinea worm and other diseases from the water. In May of last year, Rev Ndulu got a parasite infection in his leg and was not able to walk. Because the community does not have access to a clinic, it took him six months to recover.

Since the borehole came, there have been no more incidents of guinea worm infections.

“Because God has done this for us we believe that He can do bigger things, and it really gives us hope. People around here, who are of the same race, are willing to harm us. But people in other countries, from a different race who do not know us, are lending a helping hand. That is the love of Christ, and it really touches our hearts. This made us realize that we truly are one in Christ.”

Muslims from nearby villages also frequently come to use the borehole, and the Christians consider it an opportunity to show the love of Christ by welcoming them. Rev Ndlulu concluded with these words, “We are very grateful for the help Open Doors is providing and we are praying for you too.”

Father, we know You hear the cries of Your people in northern Nigeria, those who live with the constant threat of attack and who are sometimes prevented access to sources of clean water. With this borehole You have reached down and met their needs. Use it, Father, not only to meet their need for water, but to encourage them with Your presence, with the support of Your people in other parts of the world who are truly one with them in faith. Use it to increase their faith and hope. And help us to be faithful in praying for Your church in Nigeria, even as they pray for us. Show us how we might continue to love and support them in tangible ways. Thank You for the work of Open Doors in reaching out to Your suffering church and thank You for making us partners in that work. In the name of Jesus who loves and serves His church, Amen.

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