“Count it Right”

December 9, 2013 by Open Doors in General

Count it Right

*Representative photo used to protect identity.

In the middle of Wadi el Natroun desert, 110 km north of Cairo, around 31,000 people gathered for the massive “Count it Right” evangelistic festival that took place in Egypt November 14-16. The largest evangelistic event in Egypt during 2013, “Count it Right” was arranged and hosted by, Kasr el dobara, a church considered to be the largest Arabic speaking church in the world. The weekend proved to be a festival of joy and deliverance during which thousands of Egyptians, mostly from nominal Christian background, met with the Lord Jesus and surrendered their lives to Him.

Throughout the three day festival, a wide variety of activities and performances took place as part of the ministry.  Some 21 local ministry teams from different churches led or performed different types of services that were focused on praise, kid’s activities, drama, cinema, art, sports, mission, prayer, deliverance ministry, drug & rehabilitation service and apologetics lectures.

Ministry teams from other countries presented interesting non-traditional performances, such as Jiu-Jitsu, an illusionist show, a clown show, various athletic and extreme sport demonstrations, an art gallery and unicycle show.

Behind the scenes, administrative teams managed the monumental logistical tasks of assuring the order, safety, health, and transportation of tens of thousands of participants. Throughout the three day event, as many as 593 buses and mini-buses, as well as almost 1,500 private cars, transported the participants back and forth twice a day between the festival site and cities all around Wadi el Natroun. Not a single traffic accident incident was reported, something the organizing team considers to be God’s gracious protection!

Participants have now returned from this spiritual high to the realities of survival in the midst of the turbulance of life in Egypt. Some may live in families from more traditional churches, resistant to this new, radical fatih. Some may live in Muslim families or communities. Some may return to poverty. Others are confronting ongoing battles with drug addiction. Wherever they are, they know both the joy of Christ’s presence in them and the challenges of serving Him in their daily lives. For some, serving Christ may include dramatic and turbulent changes as they merge their new lives in Christ into their old circumstances. They need us, their brothers and sisters in Christ, to come alongside them in prayer. And they need fellow Egyptian Christians to disciple and mentor them through this time of both great challenges and immense opportunities.

Father, we give You praise and thanksgiving for the many You have called into new life in Christ. We thank You for the ministry You provided through the various teams at the festival, and for the protection You afforded them all. And now we pray for them, new believers, and those whose faith was revived, as they seek to serve You in the midst of their daily circumstances. Protect them from giving up. Encourage them as they learn how to serve You where they are. Bring into their lives mature Christians to disciple them. As they move back into their former social circles, give them opportunities to share the good news of their life in Christ with friends. Strengthen those assigned to follow up with the many who professed new faith in Christ, that they might do so with much wisdom and faithfulness. Multiply the work that took place at the festival that a mighty army might be raised up, not to bear arms, but to live in the power of the Holy Spirit and worship Christ with a mighty outpouring of praise. In the name of Jesus whom we serve, Amen.

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