Deaf Believer Beaten for Refusing to Deny Jesus

March 17, 2017 by Open Doors in Prayer updates

Pray for Saida*, a young deaf MMB girl from Central Asia. , she was severely beaten by her family for her commitment to follow Christ. Neighbors witnessed the vicious beating and called police to rescue the girl from her relatives. Police officers refused to defend her, however, because the incident was “just a family conflict”. Saida’s relatives felt impunity when the officials did nothing to interfere, and proceeded to beat her even more severely in attempt to force her to renounce Christ. Although Saida ended up in the hospital that day in intensive care, she refused to comply with her family’s command to deny her faith.

Relatives have threatened to beat the girl again as soon as she returns from the hospital to force her to return to Islam, or to kill her. Saida’s hospital treatment will end in a few days, and members of the local church are planning to take her from the hospital and hide her in a safe place. Her relatives have threatened, however, that they will call police and instruct them not to let anyone interfere with their access to the girl.

Please, pray for this young and very faithful deaf sister – for her safety; for her physical, emotional and spiritual healing; that God will change her relatives’ hearts; and for their ultimate salvation. Pray also for an opportunity for Christian believers from Saida’s church to secretly remove her from the hospital and get her to safety.

Join others in praying.