Desperate Need of Prayer in Nigeria and Sudan

October 8, 2016 by Janelle P in Africa

Sporadic Fulani attacks continue in Nigeria against the Christian community of Godogodo in Kaduna State, about 100 miles north of Nigeria’s capital of Abuja. Local media reports indicate that at least seven people have died since last Friday. Joint Task Force members and some youths have been able to prevent further bloodshed, but the situation remains very explosive. The attacks caused widespread displacement among the Christians and the army has been criticized for not doing enough to protect residents. Please pray for calm to be restored.

Southeast of Nigeria, in South Sudan, there is a dangerous downward spiral of violence occurring. Following the breakdown in a peace deal reached last year, the armed opposition faction (SPLM-IO), led by former First Vice President Riek Machar, issued a statement on Sept 25th declaring war on what he called, “the authoritarian and racist regime of President Salva Kiir.” The call has been widely condemned and IGAD, the Intergovernmental Authority on Development, has vowed to send a protection force with UN backing. The continuing tension bodes ill for civilians, who once more are bearing the brunt of their leaders’ failure to honor their agreements. The situation in the world’s youngest nation is not directly related to persecution, but Christians here faced decades of war and atrocities from the Islamic government of Sudan before it chose to secede in 2011. Please pray for the Lord’s intervention in this country that has already suffered so much

We come to You today, Father, knowing that Your compassion and mercy are great. The people of Nigeria and South Sudan have been suffering for a long time and are in great need today. We pray for the Christian community of Godogodo in Nigeria as they suffer attack from the Fulani herdsmen. Comfort those who have lost family members and provide for those who have had to flee their homes; provide shelter and food in this time of need. And we lift up the people of South Sudan who are suffering from hunger and displacement from homes as a result of the warring between Machar and Kiir’s armies. We grieve over these people who have suffered so many years from brutal attacks by the government of Sudan and who now suffer at the hand of their own countrymen. Protect, comfort and sustain them and cause Your gospel of truth to soften the hearts of the nation’s leaders to turn to Christ and lead their people with equity, justice, and compassion. In the name of Jesus who is building and strengthening His church from among the nations, even in the midst of the world’s turmoil. Amen!

Join others in praying.