Discipleship for Hindu Background Believers

June 15, 2017 by Open Doors in Prayer updates

Life is difficult for Hindu Background Believers (HBBs) in Indonesia. OD field workers  had heard of a group of HBB converts who were banished from the community after turning to Christ. Once banished, they automatically lose all inheritance rights to the family house or land, even rights to be buried in the community’s cemetery. They will, instead, be considered a nuisance.

The OD team met a couple who became believers during their visit two years previously. These believers shared, “We were expelled by our family because of our faith in Christ.”  They now live under the care of a lay leader, being discipled in their faith and empowered economically to earn a living.

Open Doors continues to be there to help. Recently, OD distributed a number of Christian books among one of the largest communities of HBBs in Indonesia. Included were Standing Strong through the Storm, Dangerous Faith, a 12-book discipleship series, and biblical “comics.” Please pray for these believers to stand firm in their faith and for a strong partnership with the local church leaders to be fostered.

Thank You, Father, for these faithful believers who have turned from the spiritual darkness of Hinduism to faith in Christ. Protect them as they flee their villages to begin a new life under the care of lay leaders in the church. Sustain them with the ability to earn a living. Cultivate their faith through the knowledge of Your Word. Thank You for the resources You are providing through Open Doors to strengthen their minds and hearts that they might remain faithful through the storms of life as they come. We pray for Your Holy Spirit to open the eyes of a multitude in their region of Indonesia to see the light of Christ in them that there might be a great turning to Christ in their midst and, indeed, among the entire nation. In the name of Jesus, the Word who became flesh and made Hs dwelling among us (John 1) that we might have life in Him. Amen.

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