Egyptian Christian Leader Joins Protest, Asks for Prayers

July 3, 2013 by Open Doors in General


(The following is a report from an Egyptian Christian leader and his reflections on the protest agasint the Morsi regime on June 30.)

On Sunday, Egyptians across the nation marched down the streets of villages, towns and cities in massive human blocks, filling up major squares and main streets. The enormous crowds raised the Egyptian flags together with banners demanding President Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood supporting party to leave. I was one of them!

Millions of Egyptians spent the of entire day shouting in amazing enthusiasm, “Leave Morsi, Leave,” and “Down to the reign of Muslim Brotherhood.” No one raised any specific political party flags or banners, just  Egyptian flags. Men and women, boys and girls, rich and poor, everybody came together in an overwhelming scene of unity of purpose and detemination. Entire families marched together, as well as  groups of friends. The threats that were released by Morsi’s supporters, as well as the shooting incidents in scattered locations in Cairo and other cities, could not put down the fire of the roaring  crowds. The death count of 16  and the 781 cases of injury did not manage to send people home, but rather ignited  the desire to move on until Egypt is freed from the oppressive and dominating rule of the Islamic parties lead by the Muslim Brotherhood.

This afternoon (Monday), in a surprising and an encouraging development that may qualify to be an answer to many prayers, the Supreme Military Council (SMC) released an official announcement to confirm the ultimate support of the army to the will and desire of the multitudes of Egyptians. The leadership of the SMC, indirectly, gave President Morsi and his ruling party 48 hours to sort things out and comply to the desires of the protesting Egyptians before they impose a road map to solve the political crisis. Please continue to pray for Egypt as a new chapter of her history is being written now. We value the keen and sincere prayers of all our brothers and sisters worldwide. May His will be done in all what is happening in Egypt.

Father, we do not know what will transpire in Egypt in the coming weeks, but we are encouraged now by Your presence in this week’s circumstances. We pray for those who have suffered injuries in the conflict, and for the grieving families of those who were slain. We pray for a just government to rise up out of the conflict in Egypt. We pray for the Christians as they seek to live in peace with their Muslim neighbors, and to be salt and light in their midst. In the name of Jesus who is our rock in uncertain circumstances. Amen.

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Join others in praying.