Egyptian Christians Concerned After Referendum Backs Constitutional Changes

March 30, 2011 by Open Doors in General

egyptian woman praying

Egyptian Christians are expressing concern over the results of the referendum, which saw 77 per cent of voters backing constitutional changes that will allow the country to move quickly on to elections.

An Open Doors worker in Egypt on the day of the referendum said, “I spoke to Christians from various denominations – Orthodox, Presbyterian and Evangelical – but all said they would vote ‘no’, and they hoped the majority of Egypt would do the same.” It is not that the Christian population does not want the constitution to be changed, he explained. Rather, many Christians fear this change is too quick and will only benefit the established political blocs – the Muslim Brotherhood and the National Democratic Party.

“Normally a constitutional change takes months or even years of preparation, before all pros and cons are weighed well,” said an Egyptian believer who requested anonymity. “It is better to wait and take one step at a time. If you want to make changes, and then make sure it is done well.” He continued, “The National Democratic Party and the Muslim Brotherhood have everything in place. They are well organized and want parliamentary elections as soon as possible. Because these two parties take the lead, I expect they will be able to get a big majority, if elections for the next parliament come in just six months. This will give them the freedom to rewrite the constitution in whatever way they like.”

Abuna Butros, who serves in the cave churches of Mokattam, Cairo, urgently requested prayer for Egypt. “Pray for the constitution and the country,” he said. “We are sure that we are in the hand of God, like streams of water. We are waiting for a president and constitution from the hand of God Himself. We believe God will give this, because we believe Egypt will see a big spiritual revolution. And we want it soon.”

Father we praise You that the referendum passed peacefully and that many Egyptians were able to cast their vote for the first time. We pray for wisdom and courage for Egyptian Christians at this time of change and that they would make the most of every opportunity to be channels of Your love and truth in their communities. Father may Your sovereign grace be present during the formation of the new government in Egypt; one that will rule for the good of the people, defend the rights of the poor and marginalized, and allow freedom of religion without restrictions. Amen


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