‘Enemy at Work again in Wedding Party Attack

October 24, 2013 by Open Doors in General


Friends, neighbors and family joyously gathered to witness the sharing of vows before God at the Oct 20th wedding of a young Christian couple. As family members embraced, the church was a sanctuary of God’s glory in the midst of a crowded, crime-filled district northwest of Cairo.

Vows were exchanged, the couple was pronounced husband and wife and the beaming newlyweds walked down the aisle to the front entrance of the church where friends awaited them with bouquets of flowers. Eagerly, they began to greet guests.

The beautiful moment was shattered in an instant and joy turned to terror as two masked gunmen drove by the church and opened fire on the crowd. At least three women were killed instantly while 17 other guests sustained severe injuries and were rushed to nearby hospitals.

The newlyweds, having survived the attack, were left to mourn among scattered flowers, broken glass and their traumatized guests.

Egypt’s estimated 10 million Christians were shocked with the news. “The ‘enemy’ is shooting at us,” lamented a Christian leader. Though Satan’s tactics vary, his goal is always the same-to break down the church, steal her testimony and destroy the peace of God within her. Praise God that Christ is more powerful than all the flaming arrows of the enemy, and He will continue to build His church.

Father, we cannot fathom the sorrow of this couple as they begin their marriage with this terrible tragedy. Comfort them, Father, with the peace that only comes from You, from Your Spirit. Where Satan would use the confusion and sorrow to destroy the testimony of Your presence with them, use even this time to deepen their faith. As relatives, friends and Christians across Egypt look on in horror, may they respond in godly ways that speak of the power of Your Spirit within them, and may Christ’s Kingdom be extended across Egypt. In the name of Jesus, who knows our sorrow and brings comfort, Amen.

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