Equipping the Body of Christ

June 27, 2013 by Open Doors in General

In 2009 Open Doors opened a literacy schoolfour years later lives are changed!

Rasiya Damore, 32, lived in Jhabua with his wife Leela Damore, 25 and their four children. Despite being a pastor, he was illiterate. One of the first students to graduate from the literacy program he shares, “After learning how to read and write, I went and preached the importance of education to other villagers. Many had borrowed money and because they could not read or do minor calculations they were cheated by the lenders.

Pastor Damore was able to convince several villagers that they could handle many things in a better way through education. Visiting them in their homes he was able to educate around 20 people! Today he works as a volunteer teacher at the Adult literacy Center. I am planning to complete high school,” said Pastor Damore enthusiastically. His wife Leela, after seeing the change in her husband, decided to also attend the literacy training. She can now read the Bible and is involved in ministry with her husband.

The literacy training not just for pastors and their wives but for everyone!

On March 17, 2013, an all-India Literacy Exam conducted by the government board, held an exam for those who qualified to take the 3rd stand examination. Sixty of Open Doors students were in attendance. From all ages and backgrounds. Many were poor children who had dropped out of school in order to care for and feed their livestock, as well as adults who had never previously attended school. All sixty passed that day! Praise God!

Naru was one of those who took the examinations on that day. He shares that before he learned to read and write his days were spent in the field caring for the familys cattle. He says, I received my education from the Adult Literacy center. Now I can read and write properly. I am also able to read my Bible fluently. I still shepherd my cattle from morning to evening, and attend the literacy classes in the night. I want to learn more and become a teacher when I grow up.

Join us in praying for the literacy training and for the lives that it changes:

Father God, we give you all the praise and thanks for the opportunity given to these men, women and children to learn to read and write. We join in celebrating with them, and pray that they will use this new gift to bless others. Father, our hearts break for the many around the world who have not had this opportunity. We ask, on our knees, for You to provide classes and education to those around the world who desire to learn. Provide resources, teachers, the curriculum, funding, and the time to learn to read and write. Many are busy with the days activities in simply putting food on the table. Father, clear the way for them to be able to attend classes. And as they learn, may they use their new found skills to bring honor and glory to Your Name. In Jesus Name we pray, our Wonderful Counselor, Amen.

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Join others in praying.