Ethiopian Widow Encouraged by Your Letters

June 22, 2011 by Open Doors in General

Ethiopian Children

Life continues to be difficult for Sintayehu, whose husband’s body was found in front of their home in Senkele, Ethiopia on December 20, 2009. Church leaders claimed that he was killed because he sponsored the legal proceedings of his church following an attack by Muslims in September 2009.

Coping with the loss of her husband, she has had to learn to survive as a widow and single parent. Since that time, her son was in an automobile accident involving a death and legal battles. And the restaurant she owns with one of her daughters has been losing money resulting in debts. An attempt to sell the land where the restaurant is located, and move to another area, has revealed the true intent of the government to use part of the land for road expansion, effectively lowering its value.

All of these setbacks have been discouraging for Sintayehu and her family. However, when she puts aside the challenges for a moment and focuses on the helping hands God brought into her life, Sintayehu does not lose faith. She has come to learn that God has sent people her way to come alongside her family in their season of pain and struggle. Her daughter Mimi, in grade eight, was present when an Open Doors’ international team brought a large collection of letters and cards. Her response was eager as she saw the colorful cards and drawings.

Sintayehu’s family was greatly impacted by the compassion of the team who had travelled so far bringing the letters of encouragement, and from people like you who took the time to pray and fellowship with them through the letters. Up until now they only thought of themselves as an unknown family in an unknown village. Now they know that many care for them.

“I thank God. After the death of my husband many people have encouraged me and prayed for me. I thank you for your support,” said Sintayehu. Your letters and prayers make a difference in people’s lives. Although this letter writing campaign has ceased, others are in need of your encouragement. Click Here to find out how you can help.

Thank you, Father, for the ways You have sustained Sintayehu and her family in their grief. We continue to pray that You will provide for all of their needs as they sell their property, seek to settle debts and secure a way of supporting their need for food and shelter in a new area. Be ever near even as You use Open Doors to continue helping them in their circumstances. Amen


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