Faith of Indigenous Christian Children in Colombia Tested

March 10, 2017 by Open Doors in Prayer updates

Many children of persecuted indigenous believers have found security and rest in an Open Doors shelter in northern Colombia where they are cared for, protected, and educated in faith and the love of God. The shelter has been a peaceful haven for these children, far removed from the threats of the traditional indigenous authorities that persecute the indigenous Christians, as well as from guerrilla forces that exercise widespread control in regions of the country, even in the schools.

However, the authorities have now requested that the children present themselves before the local governing bodies so that they may be returned to their communities and removed from Christian schools. This type of situation causes much instability and uncertainty for our persecuted brothers.
Pray with us that the faith of these children will not be shaken in the face of these trials and that, if they must present themselves before the indigenous authorities, they will be able to defend their faith and stand firm.

Father, we pray for these children in Colombia, these vulnerable ones who have already suffered much in their young lives. We pray that You would strengthen their faith and give them the words to speak if they must appear before the authorities. Protect them, Father, from the need to return to their communities; allow them to stay at the shelter where they might receive Your Word daily and be taught to love and serve You with their lives. If their parents remain here in the world, we pray that they might be protected from the persecution that meets them in their communities and be comforted knowing that their children are in godly hands. And we pray for the nation of Colombia, that the Gospel of Christ might bring about Your peace and justice. In the name of Jesus, who called the children to come to Him, Amen.

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