Falsely Accused Pastor Released but Still Persecuted

June 30, 2017 by Open Doors in Prayer updates

Following false accusations of sexual harassment of a school girl, Pastor Miran* from Kyrgyzstan was imprisoned for six months and then placed under house arrest for another six months. Eventually finding that the evidence led to his innocence, the court dropped the charges and released him.

However, he is still experiencing persecution from local authorities who swore to lock him up for a long prison term. He can’t get a job—local authorities create obstacles for him everywhere. He continues to pastor his church, but they must worship illegally underground since they lost it lost their registration following his arrest. Pastor Miran is depressed, especially having undergone the shame of the sexual harassment charges, even though they were proven to be false. His family has also been traumatized because of the situation. Pray for their emotional healing and spiritual health. Pray for the security of Pastor Miran and this underground church.

* Name changed for security

Father, we bring before Your throne of grace Pastor Miran who, like Elijah of long ago, is weary and depressed. It is perhaps difficult right now for him to see Your power at work in him. Holy Spirit, breathe life into his weary soul. Remove the shame that clings to him; lift his eyes to behold Your love and favor. As he pastors the church underground now, keep them secure. Be for them the balm of Gilead to heal their wounds. In these dark days, we pray that Your goodness and power, Your very presence, will be a light to fill them with hope. And may they reflect the light of Christ to a nation in need of Your gospel. In the name of Jesus, who bore our griefs and carried our sorrows, who was pierced for our transgressions—Jesus, with whose wounds we are healed (from Isaiah 53). Amen

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