Fatwa Leads to Beating of Pakistani Pastor

November 11, 2010 by Open Doors in General

While fighting in Afghanistan’s civil war in 2000, Suleman Nasri Khan, born a Muslim, found a New Testament lying on the battlefield. He immediately threw it away, but a divine voice seemed to be extending an invitation to him, he told Compass Direct News. When he later embraced Christ, he began preaching and studying, obtaining a doctorate in biblical theology from Punjab Theological Seminary in Kasur in 2005. He is now pastor of Power of the Healing God’s Church in the Kalupura area of Gujrat city.

Muslim extremists learned of his conversion and attacked him in 2008, killing his first child, 3-month old Sana Nasri Khan. He escaped with his wife Aster Nasri Khan. And then Compass reports that on October 25, following Khan’s recent protest of anti-Christian violence in Kalupura, Islamic scholar Allama Nawazish Ali issued a fatwa (religious ruling to be obeyed by all Muslims) to kill Khan. On November 1, following death threats to himself and his family, he sustained injuries when Muslim extremists in Islamabad pelted him with stones and bricks while others kicked him in the chest and stomach. They also tried to force him to recite Islam’s creed for conversion; he refused. He was found unconscious in a pool of blood on the roadside by a fellow pastor. Fear of the fatwa prevented him from going to police or a hospital. Thankfully, his injuries were not serious and he has recovered after having been taken to a nearby private clinic where he received medical treatment while remaining unconscious for almost four hours.

Lord, we pray for Rev. Dr. Khan in Pakistan. We pray for his safety and that of his family. We pray against this opposition to thwart the work of Your church there, and, in the midst of persecution, You grow and strengthen it. May it be so among the people of Pakistan.

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