Fear Strikes Christians in India as Violent Hindu Mobs Surround Homes

October 9, 2013 by Open Doors in General

Mitko Kashyap 60 year-old persecuted for her faith

After completely demolishing the church at Taragaon in April of this year, the Bajrang Dal, militant youth wing of the Hindu organization of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), have been carrying Hindu idols to the houses of Christians and demanding that they bow to them. They are using this as a pretext to accuse and attack them.

A mob of Bajrang Dal members marched through the streets of Taragaon carrying a huge Hindu statue. Using loudspeakers, they threatened the Christian believers, demanding that they come out of their homes to worship the idol. “They are threatening us (Christians) that they will drag each one out of our homes, beat us and kill us if we did not come out of our homes ourselves,” said a source in the village.

“In this atmosphere of fear and pressure, we do not know whom to turn to for help. The police is bias and does nothing to protect the Christians,” said the source.

In another recent act of violence, on Sunday, Sept. 22, 60 year-old senior citizen, Mitko Kashyap, of the same village was confronted by her nephew for attending a worship service in a house church. Her nephew struck her repeatedly and she was finally hit in the head with a stone as she steadfastly refused to deny her faith.

“Kashyap’s daughter-in-law was also attacked by the same man but she managed to escape, “said Open Doors (OD) staff who visited Kashyap in the hospital where she was under medical supervision following the attack.

Though Kashyap had sent someone to report the incident to the police, the authorities initially refused to register her complaint, claiming it is a family matter that must be sorted out by the parties involved.

However, the police were forced to register her complaint when the hospital management requested their presence before administering medical attention.

The police have not, however, taken any action against the attacker who has been seen boasting about his act in the village. “He is threatening the entire Christian community of repeating what has happened in Kandhamal (Orissa) in Aug. 2008 here in this village,” quoted our source.

A separate incident of Christian persecution took place the same day, Sep. 22, in Kongud. Two brothers, Maan Kumar Nag, 30, and Mankuram Nag, 33, were asked to go to a Hindu temple where a group of 10-12 people meticulously questioned them about their faith in Christ. The questioners threatened to confiscate their farmland if they did not stop attending church. The brothers refused to deny their faith or stop worshiping Jesus. Later that day, men stormed into their house and assaulted the Nag brothers and their family. The attackers then threw them out of their home along with all of their belongings and household items. Though the Nag brothers filed a report against the identified men, the police have yet to take action.

Father, we bring before You Mitko Kashyap that You might heal her of her injuries and of the fear that must surely have gripped her. Cause her to know Your overwhelming peace as she takes refuge in You. We also consider Maan and Mankuram Nag. Thank You that they remained true to Christ. We pray that You will provide shelter and food, and that You will protect them from further attack. We pray for the Christian communities in Taragaon and Kongud. Thank You that they have not bowed the knee to idols. Continue to strengthen their faith. They are not strangers to violence meted out against Christians in their part of India. They have no voice and no protection from the police. But You are there and we call on You to hear their voice and to be their place of refuge and protection. May their suffering not be in vain, but may many see Christ in them and turn to You in faith. In the name of Jesus in whose name alone we worship. Amen.

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