Female Koran Teacher Finds Christ While Praying to Allah

September 4, 2013 by Open Doors in General

Female Koran Teacher Finds Christ While Praying to Allah

Souri, a 60 year-old Koran teacher, has been a devout Muslim all her life. When her daughter and sister come to Christian faith she started looking for the truth. Souri shares her testimony:

“Born in one of the religious cities in Iran, I have been a devoted Muslim all my life. I am 60 years old now, but I remember that I went to Teheran as a young woman and saw that the women weren’t covering themselves like I thought they should. In that time Iran was a very secular country. It worried me and I didn’t like it all, being a devout Muslim. I stood far from that secular society-I was praying the Namaz, the prayer with the many bowings and specific movements, I was fasting during Ramadan and I took part in the Ashura mourning: a Shi’ite day of remembering the martyrdom of an important imam. When I started studying it was no surprise that I choose to study the Koran and Arabic.

You could say that my whole life was devoted to Allah. After my studies I married a devout Muslim and started teaching Koran and Arabic. Every day I studied the Koran. My husband and I got two daughters who we raised as Muslims. My daughters grew older and married. We were a normal Muslim family until a few years ago my youngest daughter came to me with a surprise I didn’t like-she told me that she left Islam and became a Christian. I was shocked, but she was still my daughter. One day she asked me to accompany her to a meeting she had with her pastor. While she was talking to the pastor, I waited in the next room. The pastor had a lot of books about Islam and Christianity. Being a Koran teacher I was interested in reading what these books had to say about the subject. So I took some and started reading them with mixed feeling of anxiety and curiosity. Then a lady came into the room and asked me if I wanted to talk about Christianity, but I furiously refused.

A while after, a tumor was discovered in my sister’s stomach and [she] was admitted into hospital. My youngest daughter went to the hospital to pray for my sister together with some other Christians. Miraculously the tumor minimized to being just a very little spot. The doctors were amazed about this. My sister came to faith because of this. Eventually she did die from the cancer, but she left the extended family a written testimony of all the things Jesus had done in her life. From that moment on I started to pray to Jesus in Farsi, the language of my heart, while I continued praying to Allah in Arabic, the language of my studies. One day I wanted to pray the Namaz, but when I wanted to bow down, I noticed that I couldn’t and that there was a big light behind me. It was like Jesus prevented me to bow for Allah. Jesus revealed himself to me and His power was so much stronger. That day I surrendered to Jesus.

My husband of course didn’t like the fact that I changed my religion. He was used to being married to a devout Muslim woman, encouraging him to pray and fast. Now he had to do all these things alone; he missed me. We sure had some quarrels about this. The only thing I could do for him is pray. Now he understands me better and he is even proud of me. Now he says he’s not a Muslim, but not a Christian either. I continue to pray to Jesus to reveal himself to my husband too. I now study the Bible instead of the Koran. My life is changed”.

Father, we are awestruck by Your power to change the hearts of men and women, even ourselves, to follow You. Thank You for the testimony of Souri’s faith, for the courage You have given her to serve You in her Muslim home, and for the tender compassion she has for her husband that he might come to faith as well. We join her in praying for Him, praying that You might use the humble strength of Souri and her daughter to show him the light of Your gospel. We even pray boldly that You might create in this home a powerful witness to the truth and grace of the gospel of Christ among their family and neighbors, that they might be part of a vast turning of the people of Iran to worship and serve You. In the name of Jesus, the light of the world, Amen.

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