Flood Hits Southeast Aceh—4 Churches Damaged, 2 People Killed

April 19, 2017 by Open Doors in Prayer updates

Two people died and four churches were damaged when a flash flood hit Kutacane in Indonesia’s Southeast Aceh area following an intense rainfall on April 11th. Local media wrote that the flood impacted around 2,000 villagers and destroyed nearly 50 houses.

While Aceh is a majority Muslim province, Kutacane is a small, majority-Christian enclave in Aceh’s southeast area. Open Doors has not yet been able to contact our partners in the area devastated by the flood. Communication has been largely cut off to the area due to the electricity outages that were created to avoid fatalities from electrocution as downed power lines are touching the floodwater.

Please pray for the safety of our OD partners, as well as for all of the villagers impacted by this disaster. Pray for speedy delivery of aid from the nearby churches and the local government. Area Christians and churches have been mobilized to send immediate relief and to pray for our affected brothers and sisters there.

 Father, You who created the skies and cause the rain to fall on the just and the unjust, You who saved Noah from the great flood, we call on You today to rescue Your people, to provide shelter and food as the flood waters recede. Thank You for the help that was mobilized through churches to send relief to those who are without homes now. We pray Your comfort for those who lost loved ones in the storm; draw them near in Your great mercy and wipe away their tears. We pray that the Open Doors partners there will be sustained to reach out to the community to meet both material and spiritual needs and that the glory and redeeming power of the gospel might fall upon Aceh Province like a gentle, life-sustaining rain. In the name of Jesus who freely offers His living water, Amen.

Join others in praying.