Food Shortage in Iraq and Syria Threatens Lives

August 11, 2015 by Open Doors in Middle East

Watch to see what you can do to help Christians displaced by ISIS

Our field workers have just informed us that there is currently a $20 million funding gap for Christian refugees displaced by the Islamic State.

More Christians are being displaced each month, and do not have access to food and other vital resources. And now, the need is greater than ever. Thousands upon thousands of Christians are not able to feed their families.

In spite of the need, few organizations are staying to help. But Open Doors has been in the region for more than 25 years and is committed to staying there long term.

Your ongoing support is equipping Open Doors to stand with these persecuted believers for the long haul. Thank you for your faithfulness!

Just $50 will provide a family with a food kit- enough to feed an entire family for one month!

“These Christians have lost everything because of the Islamic State,” shares one pastor. “Many are unable to work and cannot feed their family as a result.”

Though the situation seems dismal, God is using Christians like you to strengthen these believers!

Thank you for showing our brothers and sisters that Christians around the world have not forgotten about them and have not grown weary of doing good. But please give again today to continue helping Christians who have lost everything remain strong!

Join others in praying.