Former Muslim Persecuted in Bahrain

December 11, 2016 by Janelle P in Middle East

As a former Muslim in Bahrain who is now trusting in Christ, Hamad is persecuted by his own family for his faith. He cannot attend Christian worship services or Bible studies without hiding his activities, and is also harassed by community leaders since his conversion.

While believers like Hamad don’t have outward freedom in Bahrain, Hamad and others have been set free in Christ. Their witness to those around them can never be stifled, in spite of the fanatic efforts of the Islamic enforcers in their families and communities. Hamad and other Christians in his country stand firm on the promises of God, regardless of man’s efforts to stop them.

*Representative story and photo used for security reasons

In our experience the government in Bahrain is currently more occupied with the Sunni-Shia differences than with Christians. The pressure really seems to come from family and community.

Join others in praying.