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Former Muslim Persecuted in Bahrain

December 11, 2016 by Janelle P in Middle East

As a former Muslim in Bahrain who is now trusting in Christ, Hamad is persecuted by his own family for his faith. He cannot attend Christian worship services or Bible studies without hiding his activities, and is also harassed by community leaders since his conversion.

While believers like Hamad don’t have outward freedom in Bahrain, Hamad and others have been set free in Christ. Their witness to those around them can never be stifled, in spite of the fanatic efforts of the Islamic enforcers in their families and communities. Hamad and other Christians in his country stand firm on the promises of God, regardless of man’s efforts to stop them.

*Representative story and photo used for security reasons

In our experience the government in Bahrain is currently more occupied with the Sunni-Shia differences than with Christians. The pressure really seems to come from family and community.

3 responses to “Former Muslim Persecuted in Bahrain”

  1. May God Almighty continually strengthen you Hamad as well as every other persecuted Christian in Bahrain in Jesus mighty Name I pray for you all, Amen.

  2. That is exactly where it is coming from in the US as well. People are interested in a loving God one that wants the best for them but are afraid of doing it because of their friends and family which I might add they all live in close proximity to each other as a community which keeps them in check. Separate them and they are not as strong on the Muslim belief for it is a mean Religion with all the killing of their own children. How is that a God who kills his own creation- humans. Our God ask us to tell people there is another choice a loving choice who came down to earth to teach us about the Character of God and his words so that we might know Him as OUR GOD. OUR GOD IS A POWERFUL GOD, OUR GOD IS A LOVING GOD, OUR GOD LOVES US AND GIVES US WHAT WE NEED IN THIS WORLD – which most people call Miracles. God LOVES US AND HE WILL NEVER HURTS US and he even knows how many hairs you have on your body. He loves you and wants the best for you and he will help you come to HIM. Faith is one thing that he wants you to know about Him HE IS FAITHFUL to US! YOU never have to question HIS faithfulness to us. I bless this man in his trials for he is being strengthened which means he is getting ready to do the plan God has for him. Now how great is that! God has called him to HIM!!! Rejoice like Job and understand God is faithful to HIS children. One things you will learn on your Journey of Christianity you thank God for those things that are not going right and you thank Him for things that do go right for you do not know what God is planning to do in your life and he is preparing you for your work on Earth and you never know what he is really protecting you from – so thank HIm in everything that happens.

  3. The lord who chose you from the whole country loves you very much he will be your guide and strength out of the so many people God our father saw you and picked up you .Thank him dear brother you will prayed for as the almighty brings a burden for us of you . Stand firm in you faith and on the last day when you stand before the almighty God you will not be ashamed our father will welcome you with open arms .God bless you dear brother

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