Fourteen More Acteal Prisoners Released

November 5, 2010 by Open Doors in General

Pablo PerezOn October 14th, 15 more Acteal prisoners were released from Amate prison. These men were part of the group that late last year the Mexican Supreme Court ordered that their cases be reviewed by a lower court in Tuxtla Gutierrez, Mexico. Since the two prior releases made last year in August and November, a total of 44 men have been given back their freedom.

These recently freed men had been incarcerated for 12 years and 7 months. Citing security issues the men will not be allowed to return to their former home of Acteal; instead they will be re-located to the same area where the other former prisoners and their families now live. The government has provided help and support to the men and their families with housing and food during the relocation process.

The names of the most recently released prisoners are, Mariano Luna Ruiz, Juan Luna Perez, Elias Luna Ruiz, Pedro Mendez Lopez, Daniel Perez Perez, Victorio Arias Perez, Pedro Luna Perez, Javier Vazquez Luna, Jose Perez Perez, Rafael Luna Vazquez, Manual Luna Vazquez, Julio Enzin Guzman, Mariano Luna Perez, Agustin Vazquez Mendez, and Alonso Jimenez Enzin.

Lord, we call upon you, Father, as protector and sustainer of life, to provide for these men from Acteal and their families, now relocated to an undisclosed area, as they are beginning a new life. Strengthen them and increase their witness wherever they are.

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