From the Heart of a Syrian Pastor

September 11, 2013 by Open Doors in General


Open Doors received a prayer from a pastor, one of our partners in the relief work in Syria. The prayer, which is both moving and heartbreaking, gives an insight into the suffering of those who have decided to stay in Syria.

I weep for my country! I am so sad and speechless…

They advise me to leave my country… to emigrate. I respond saying:

“O Lord, hear and answer my prayers.”

Please join in praying through these prayer points provided by Syrian Christians.

Father, as we join the world in reflecting on the plight of the people of Syria, ravaged by unrelenting civil war, we look on not as those who are without hope, but as those whose anchor of hope is in You, the King of kings and Lord of lords. And so we come before You on behalf of the people of Syria, especially Your church there, imploring You to take away this cup of war from them. We call upon You to bring peace and justice in the midst of spiritual darkness, that all might know that You have done it. Protect Your church and grant them courage and opportunity to speak the truth with great boldness that a vast multitude might turn to Christ in worship and praise. We pray that You will provide Your people with food and shelter, with medical care and healing. And we grieve over the children, wounded and traumatized by the very powers that should be protecting them. Raise up resources to provide a place of refuge, comfort, hope and healing for these children that their bodies might be sustained and their hearts kept from becoming hardened. Cause Your Spirit to breathe life into their parched souls. In the name of Jesus, our refuge and sure defense in a world pillaged by the evil one. Amen.

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Join others in praying.