‘Give Us Peace’—Pray Easter Prayers of Peace With Rape Survivors in Nigeria

April 18, 2019 by Lindy Lowry in Africa

In the last few years, Open Doors has introduced you to Aisha and Esther who live in northern Nigeria. Each woman knows what it’s like to be persecuted for following Jesus; each has been attacked and raped by her persecutors. And today, both continue to work through their pain in trauma counseling provided by Open Doors. Here, Aisha and Esther share Easter prayers of peace for their troubled country and their persecutors—reminding us of the hope we have through the resurrection and love of a Savior who rescues and restores. Pray with them today:


“Dear God, I ask that you help us, save us. Give us peace at this time of Easter (Aisha).

I bring before you my country of Nigeria. Whatever the evils ones have planned, look down on your children with mercy (Esther).

At this time of Easter, Jesus died for our sins. After He died, He rose again, and this gives us hope of salvation. His death and resurrection from the dead have given us victory (Aisha).

I pray for all doing evil. Do not destroy them, but bring them back to Your path. As we celebrate Easter, let there be peace in our land (Esther).

Continue to preserve our lives so that we work and live for You. Grant us peace of mind and keep us safe in Your hands in Jesus’ name (Aisha).”

Join others in praying.