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Go Back or Go Away

February 28, 2014 by Open Doors in General


Many believers in Northeast Laos are meeting in small groups to avoid drawing the attention of local officials. In January, local officials in an undisclosed village in Vientiane Province, Northeast Laos, pressured 27 Christian families to stop worshiping Jesus Christ. The believers were coerced into signing a paper saying they agreed with the officials’ demands. “One or two families have signed,” according to a ground source, “because their relatives threaten to cut ties if they do not do so.” At the moment, believers are meeting together in smaller groups.

Twenty-three other Christian families in the same region face the possible loss of their houses and farmlands. Police and village officials threatened to evict the believers if they persisted in worshiping Jesus. Though they have not yet been evicted, the families were placed under house arrest. Right now, they continue to worship as families in their respective homes.

The Lao Front for National Construction (LFNC) oversees the religious affairs of Laos. All churches and religious organizations are required to register with the LFNC. This government body is said to be undergoing a transition, which could spell either disaster or relief for Christians in Laos. Please pray that the transition will produce greater freedom for believers in Laos to practice their faith.

Father, we lift up fellow believers in Laos, in danger of losing homes and farmland and worshiping in small family groups after threats from village officials. Sustain them Lord, and provide for their food and shelter. We pray for Your Spirit to dispel fear and grant wisdom and strength. We pray that the current transition in the government will result in greater freedom for Christians in Laos- that the Word might go forth in power and authority. In the name of Jesus, who protects and empowers His church, Amen.

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