Good News from Agape Children’s Home

May 19, 2017 by Open Doors in Prayer updates

Rejoice and praise the Lord with us! Agape Children’s Home can reopen at last! Called to care for abandoned,  orphaned and abused children, Pastor Dayaratne and his wife Mala opened Agape Children’s Village in Sri Lanka in 2001. Starting with only one child, their ministry grew until they were caring for more than 130 children. Regardless of age or background, Pastor Daya and Mala raised each child as their own. For 12 years, Agape flourished and volunteers flocked to the home to become “home mothers” for the children. By 2010, Agape was recognized as the best orphanage in southern Sri Lanka.

Due to government pressure and a media smear campaign, Agape Children’s Village was forced to close in April of 2013. The children were taken away; some were sent back to their families while others were even left on the streets, many of them desperately wanting to return to Agape. As Pastor Daya and Mala waited to appeal their case, they continued their work through Agape Without Walls, educating children in rural villages and visiting the children who used to stay with them and were now living on the streets.

Now Pastor Daya has some long-awaited good news! “Actually, I have a very happy message for you, a happy message for all of us—the Agape court case is over! Today, officially, the court has given a statement. There are no charges against me or anyone. Now, we can go ahead with our children. Thank you so much for your prayers and support. Keep in touch and let the others know how God has given His grace to us, to let us have this freedom from all these difficulties. Thank you so much! God bless you.”

God of all creation, we praise You for this miracle on behalf of the children in Sri Lanka and on behalf of Pastor Daya and his wife Mala, who have such servant hearts toward these children. Thank You for Your grace in letting us see the answer to our prayers for them; use this answer to increase our trust in Your unfailing faithfulness, even when we don’t see answers this side of heaven. We thank You for sustaining them all through their ordeal. We call on You now to provide needed resources as they reopen the center and to give them eyes to see Your mercy and grace poured out upon them. In the name of Jesus, who calls the children to come unto Him, Amen.


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