Hamida’s Fragile Safety

September 15, 2017 by Open Doors in Prayer updates

After strong pressure from her Muslim family, Hamida* was sent to a safe house for emotional and spiritual restoration and for protection from her relatives. One day, she was summoned to the police station to clear up issues with her documents. In reality, her relatives bribed the policeman to catch Hamida and she was forced to return home.

One of the pastors from that district of Kyrgyzstan hired a lawyer on her behalf. The lawyer met several times with Hamida’s husband Amrid and other family members. As a result, the family agreed not to beat or oppress her—and to allow her to practice her faith. Due to this change, Hamida decided to stay at home with her husband and children. In spite of the agreement, however, Hamida’s husband is still very aggressive toward her—especially on issues of faith.

*Name changed for security.

Father, we thank You for Hamida’s faith and for the time of safety and respite she enjoyed for a short time. We pray now for her safety, for her faith to remain strong, for there to be enough peace in the household for her to continue recovering emotionally. We pray for Your peace to surround her, a peace that passes all understanding, a peace that is not dependent on her circumstances. And we pray for Hamida’s husband and children, that You might use her quiet, gentle spirit to draw them into saving faith. In the name of Jesus, in whom she safely abides. Amen.

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