Hearing Delayed for Believers Imprisoned in Sudan

August 18, 2016 by Janelle P in Africa

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Sudanese Christian pastors Hassan Abduraheem Taour and Kuwa Shamal did not appear in court on August 14 as planned. Sources in Khartoum related that the hearing was postponed to August 21, disappointing the many people who wanted to attend the hearing and were left waiting in vain outside the court for the hearing to start. Sources told Open Doors that it is extremely hard for people to visit the brethren in the al-Huda prison the men were moved to on August 11 due to limited transportation to its location and the fact that special permission is required for a visit.

Hassan and Kuwa have finally been charged. “The men are accused of at least seven crimes including complicity to execute a criminal agreement (Article 21 of the Sudanese Criminal Code); waging war against the state (Article 51), espionage (Article 53), calling for opposition to the public authority by violence or criminal force (Article 63), inciting hatred between classes (Article 64), propagation of a false news article (Article 66), and entry into and photographing of military areas and equipment (Article 57). The maximum sentence for waging war against the state (article 51) and espionage (article 53) is the death penalty,” reported the charity.

The believers were moved to Al-Huda Prison on August 11, and appeared in court on Aug 14. Please continue to pray that justice will be done for our brothers. Pray for the Lord’s sustaining grace to keep them as they face these uncertain days. Please pray that the Lord would comfort them and keep reminding them that believers around the world are praying for them, and they are not alone or forgotten.

Father, we do lift up these brothers in prayer before You, confident that You hear the cries of their hearts and are working in unseen ways for their good and for the furthering of Christ’s kingdom. Holy Spirit, we pray for Your comfort to surround them, to remind them of our prayers on their behalf, and to place a hedge of protection around them. We pray for justice to be accomplished in the plight of these four men. Strengthen them to endure with Your patience and grace that others might see Your presence in them and turn to You in saving faith that this time of suffering will not be in vain, but will bring much kingdom fruit. In the Name of Jesus, our sure hope in times of trouble. Amen.

Join others in praying.