Report from the Field – Help for Iraqi Refugees

November 24, 2010 by Open Doors in General

Hanna, one of Open Doors co-workers in Northern Iraq shares this story:

“I went with Mary and John and their 2 sons to a furniture shop to buy some couches from funds we had received from abroad. They had been to the shop yesterday and had chosen two red ones with cushions with glitter in the middle. Today it was time to buy them and to take them to their house. In the car Mary told me that her 9 year old son had said, ‘”Mommy, God has not forgotten us; we even get couches from Him!'” I had tears in my eyes and the whole family had a smile on their faces.

We brought the new couches and took the old ones to the garbage. They were no longer couches; there was no way that you could sit on them anymore in a normal way. To another family we took a water cooler. When I saw the old one I understood why the family desperately wanted a new one, the old one was dusty, rusty and ancient. We also gave the father some pocket money for food.”

Hanna next visited a young family with 3 young boys giving them an oven and stove and some money for kerosene. She recalls, “The father was so thankful; he wants to visit the church in the free world to express his thankfulness. Next I visited a very troubled family. The wife had been in bed for one year due to illness. I gave them money for medical help and examinations.” 

Hanna reflects that; “The simple fact is that we come and give Christians attention. It feels so good for them. They really feel that there is a Father in Heaven who has not forgotten them and that God has a worldwide body, which is supporting them. Please keep on praying for the Iraqi Christians, of whom many are refugees and are on the move, finding a new life and future.”

Father, we join in prayer for Christians living in Iraq who have been scattered in neighboring nations. Father we ask for provisions for Iraqi refugees. Many have left all their earthly possessions behind as they fled; restore their homes – make their homes a place of hope and love -giving all the glory to You.


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