Hian and Phung Released from Jail in Laos

July 1, 2016 by Janelle P in Asia

Praise God! After exactly one month in prison, Hian and Phung were released on June 14, 2016. The two were arrested in Vietnam and deported to Laos on May 14 for distributing tribal hymnals. All the hymnals were confiscated by the Vietnamese police, except for one, which was sent to authorities in Southern Laos for further inspection. Hian and Phung were held in separate jail cells during their month-long ordeal.

During their first night in detention, a policeman brought each of them food and he saw Hian about to give thanks to God for the meal. The policeman told him, “You shouldn’t thank God. You should thank me.” Hian replied that if the policeman wouldn’t allow him to give God thanks for his food, he would not eat. The policeman then took Hian’s meal from him and gave it to someone else.

Phung’s time in the jail was particularly difficult as he was also mourning the passing of his wife just one month prior to his arrest.

Throughout these trials, OD partners report that Hian and Phung have remained strong in their faith. Through our partners, Open Doors helped Hian and Phung’s families by giving each of them 1,000,000 LAK (120 USD). OD also helped in paying for their prison dues—for food, water, and electricity—amounting to 2,500,000 LAK (300 USD) upon their release. Continue to pray for these faithful brothers continued ministry.

Father, thank You for Your faithful servants Hian and Phung. Thank You for their faithfulness even in their time in jail, but also for their release. Thank You, too, that Open Doors was able to help them and their families during this difficult time. We continue to pray for them and their families. Protect and sustain them, Father, that they may continue to accomplish Your work in spreading the Good News, the Gospel of Salvation, to people in great need. And we pray that what the authorities would use to stop the growth of Your church, Your Holy Spirit would use to raise up a host of believers to praise and glorify Your name. In the precious name of Jesus, the object of our faith and worship, Amen.

Join others in praying.