Homemade Bomb Detonated Near School

March 10, 2017 by Open Doors in Prayer updates

A homemade bomb, consisting of a pressure cooker filled with nails, was detonated near a school in Indonesia’s Bandung, West Java province, on February 27. Though no one was killed by the blast, one of the assailants was shot and died on the way to the hospital. The motive of the attack was reportedly to free terrorist suspects that are being held in custody by Indonesia’s anti-terrorism unit. “There may be another perpetrator still at large,” said West Java Police Chief, Anton Charliyan. Some media outlets speculated that the second assailant might be a woman.

This is the region’s first bombing since the violent attack last December that involved women as suicide bombers. The government is now considering launching a gender-perspective de-radicalization program to tackle terrorism in the country.

Pray for the entire de-radicalization endeavor to be effective in reducing radicalized beliefs and mindsets in the society. Pray also that the Christians in these areas will be empowered and encouraged, and that their lives will be catalysts for positive changes as they display God’s message of love, hope and grace throughout their communities.

Thank You, Father, for Your protection over the school children and others near where this bomb exploded. We bring before You the people of West Java, Christians and Muslims alike, who are suffering more and more at the hands of those who have been radicalized into Muslim extremists. We pray for Christians, that they might be messengers of Christ’s love, hope and grace. We pray for those who are at risk in the region—those who are marginalized, young men who have no jobs, women who have no voice. Bring them to Christians who have the truth of the Gospel of Christ and give them ears to hear. Redeem them, Father; soften their hearts. Turn their anger into love and their despair into hope. Turn their swords into plowshares that they might sow seeds of righteousness. In the name of Jesus, who saves us by His grace, Amen.

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