“I found a God of love, full of love for us.”

January 13, 2016 by Janelle P in Africa

Islamic State is spreading a lot of fear amongst Christians in the countries where they are active. But their cruel activities have a side effect they definitely never intended: Muslims coming to faith in Jesus Christ. A young Algerian woman named Dalila is one of them.

Although she was born into a Muslim family and embraced the religion of her parents, Dalila had the courage to ask bold questions about the truth of the Koran and to find some of its teachings “unfair.” All this questioning caused the young Algerian woman to feel guilty throughout her life. “Whenever I read the Koran, I was frustrated. I often felt guilty because the Koran portrays a negative image of women,” she shares. Another thing that puzzled Dalila was the lack of freedom to search for the truth and to ask questions.

“In Islam you are not free to give an opinion. I always remember when our teacher of Islamic sciences spoke about the miraculous birth of Jesus, whom the Prophet named Isa, to the Virgin Mary. I spontaneously said that if there was no father, God must be his father. The teacher became angry and told me to never say that as it is blasphemy,” she says.

Faced with inconsistencies in Islam, she prayed. “I asked God to give me some sign of His existence. I was going to become an atheist if God did not give me a sign,” she says. “A few days later I was invited by a friend to her home to watch the movie ‘The Passion of Christ’. At first, I told her that the film is forbidden to Muslims because it is blasphemous, but I ended up accepting her invitation. My friend explained about the suffering of Jesus Christ. He is the Lamb of God and died to redeem us from our sins. Suddenly, my heart became open to the Gospel. I found a God of love, full of love for us.” Her life was radically transformed after this discovery. “I found peace.”

*Names and photos are representative for the safety of persecuted Christians

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