I now realize that Jesus is faithful

January 13, 2016 by Janelle P in Asia

Nahid Babu (20) is a Muslim Background Believer (MBB).

“Born into a Muslim-background family, I’ve witnessed how my family had to pay the price for following Christ. After my father’s conversion, my grandfather took away his land and property. Villagers soon placed us under house arrest and tortured my dad so badly that he was hospitalized. As for my mom, her life was confined to the house. The minute she stepped out, neighbors would dart all kinds of insults at her.

“My life hasn’t been easy, either. I used to participate in a local voluntary organization, but the committee cancelled my membership because of my faith. In July 2015, I went to the council office to renew my identity card so that I could vote at the national elections. When the authority learned that I was an MBB, they kicked me out of the office, slapped me in the face and warned me to never return. Praise the Lord, however, that after visiting another council office, I was able to renew my ID card!

“No matter where I go—college, market, playground, streets—I always get harassed by friends, cousins, neighbors, and community. ‘You’d better return to Islam,’ they threaten.

“Because of this, bitterness had grown in my heart and I could not forgive those who did me wrong. But after I attended Open Doors training for MBB youths, I was able to forgive everyone. No longer do I feel any pain about my sufferings. I now realize that Jesus is faithful; He will always protect me from harassments and difficulties. Please pray that I would continually depend on God whenever persecution comes.”

*Names and photos are representative for the safety of persecuted Christians

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