“I will NEVER hide!”

January 10, 2017 by Open Doors in Middle East

Despite constant threats on his life, Pastor Amin won’t back down. As a result, his church is growing . . .

Though his heart was beating wildly, he stood toe-to-toe with his accuser, refusing to show even the slightest bit of fear.

In a threatening tone that was almost a growl, the Islamic extremist hissed, “I am a faithful Muslim . . . so I have to participate in jihad.” To Pastor Amin, the implication was clear: these could be his last moments on earth.

If they were, so be it!

“Kill me if you must. Here I am!” the Central Asian pastor said defiantly. His two would-be assailants were dumbfounded. Never had they seen such courage and calmness in the face of almost certain death. It was almost as if God had put a shield around the Pastor they knew they couldn’t penetrate.

What they didn’t know is that Pastor Amin will never run and hide, no matter what threats are made against him.

“My place is here, preaching the gospel to Muslims,” he says without hesitation. “If you love Christ, you follow Him and do His will. If you love and follow Christ, you will not be afraid.”

Word of Pastor Amin’s boldness has spread throughout the region. He has organized youth evangelistic trips, where they preached the gospel to Muslims and distributed Bibles and other Christian literature. As a result, he now has a huge church that consists mostly of former Muslims. He founded a rehab center for drug addicts and alcoholics. And he has operated missionary schools and summer camps for Muslim children.

Yet he still receives death threats regularly, a fact that makes him sad but has not changed his determination to see Muslims come to Christ.

“I will never hide!” he says boldly. And after what he’s been through, most people who know him believe that he won’t back down — ever! Not as long as there are Muslims in his country who need to hear the truth about Christ and His love for them.

One of the reasons Pastor Amin has been so successful in growing his church is that through your gifts, we have provided him with Bibles, Christian literature, encouragement and when necessary, a safe place for his family.

Today, he asks not to be removed from danger but to be strengthened so he can continue to spread the gospel among those who don’t know the truth.

Join others in praying.