Increased Surveillance of Phone and Social Networks in Tajikistan

May 4, 2017 by Open Doors in Prayer updates

Pray for Tajik Christians. On April 18, 2017, the Tajik government and the Internal Affairs Ministry of Tajikistan issued a new law. The department of Security Services now has the right to listen to all phone conversations, as well as to record and save them. The Security Services will also now control all of the social networks in Tajikistan. Most Tajik churches are unregistered, so this new law makes them even more vulnerable as they are now unable to have normal conversations on the phone with each other.

Tajikistan is currently number 35 on the World Watch List. Persecution is strongest in the private, national, and church spheres. This is typical for a situation in which dictatorial paranoia is the leading persecution engine. Pressure from Islamic extremism is present mostly in the private, family and community spheres and is exerted by the social environment, while dictatorial paranoia – pressure from the regime – is felt mostly in the private, national and church spheres.

Please pray for the security of Tajik believers as they struggle to find ways to communicate with each other in this new era of increased government surveillance.

Father, we pray for the security of Tajik Christians, our fellow believers. Give them wisdom in the use of social media and phone services even while stopping the ears of those listening in. As they seek to encourage and pray for one another, help them find new, safe ways to communicate. As You bend Your ear to hear the cries of Your people, we pray that You will overrule in the current efforts of the authorities to create new laws that restrict the rights of Tajik citizens. And we pray for the godly witness of Christians in Tajikistan that those seeing their Christ-like lives will seek Your Word and that You will draw them to Yourself. In the name of Jesus who hears and responds with ready help, Amen.

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