Indonesia: Tensions Rise After Church Burns Down

November 28, 2015 by Janelle P in Asia

Please pray for churches in the Aceh province of Indonesia who have seen Muslim extremists attack a church in their region. They did this after a message threatening to do this was posted online.

The Indonesian Christian Church was burned down on October 13. Before the incident, Pastor Erde—whose church was also torched last month—witnessed hundreds of extremists parade to the police and legislative offices to demand the closure of all churches in the region (there are about 10 churches).

“Every church member is guarding their own church right now. Please pray that there won’t be any church demolition today,” said the pastor.

Pray especially for a change in the extremists’ hearts, for the police to take firm actions to stop the violence and for the believers to respond with love and wisdom.

Join others in praying.