Interview with Former Prisoner Said Musa’s Daughter

July 25, 2012 by Open Doors in General

Picture of Afghani Christian

On May 31, 2010, Afghani Christian convert Said Musa was imprisoned on charges of apostasy. In the wake of his arrest, Musa and his family were plunged into a nightmare of uncertainty and fear. After nine months of incarceration, beatings and mistreatment, he was released following intense diplomatic pressure on the Afghan government.

Several months after his release, he was allowed to leave Afghanistan and resettle in a foreign country with his wife and six children. The family has now settled into a small apartment. All the children go to school; one of the children, who is disabled, attends a school for children with special needs. They have also found a church family that supports and cares for them.

Open Doors has supported the family since the beginning of their ordeal and recently had a chance to speak with one of Said Musa’s teenage daughters who reported that, “We’re doing well, but we still have to get used to our new home. We had to move very quickly when we left our country, so unfortunately we could not take many things with us. The people who helped us took very good care of us. They gave us things for our household.”

Musa’s daughter also shared how she has been deeply affected by the family’s transformation since her parents came to faith in Christ. “I can remember that [when they became Christians] my parents were really glad with their new-found faith. My father used to be a friendly man, but after his conversion he became even nicer. My parents didn’t dare to tell the family about their conversion. When it became known to them my father was put in prison. Later we all had to flee because of threats to the family. That was very scary.” She related that through the ordeal and move, she has come to faith in Christ as well. “I am also a believer in God. For the first time in my life I now have my own Bible. In the church I follow Bible lessons. I’m very thankful to God that He’s taking care of us. I even have new friends now.”

Musa’s daughter adds, “Please pray for the Christians in Afghanistan. For them it is very difficult, my father told me. Thanks for your prayers and sympathy!”

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Father, we pray that the Musa family would overcome the trauma of his imprisonment and of having to leave their country with so little possessions. Comfort them and richly provide for all of their earthly needs; in particular we ask that Musa would find a job so that he can support his family. Lord, Jesus we ask that Musa’s children can make new friends. Our hearts break that in Afghanistan there are 38,000 mosques but not a single church building. We pray with Musa’s daughter, that despite not having a place to meet, the church would flourish and Christians would grow in their knowledge of God. Father we give you the praise and glory in all things, Amen

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